. . . 7 Summits, 7 Continents, 12 months

A Mission that has been classified as

“Daring, Imaginative and definitely Out-of-the-Ordinary!”

Do you value POWERING-UP: Yourself, Your Brand and Your Profits (however you define profits) by promoting the idea of ‘Colaboration’ in your personal and corporate lives?

. . .Werner is ALL IN!

Are you?

EverestEcstacy - Version 2

Werner Celebrating on the Highest Peak on Earth (Mt. Everest – May 2007)

Few people have climbed the highest point on each of the seven continents; far less in a 12 month period. . .and, especially not at the ripe old age of 76/77. This is exactly what Werner Berger will be doing again, this time all in 12 months. He has climbed the Seven (7) once and people are asking, “At his age, can he possibly do so again?” 

Werner’s quest begins in May 2014 with Mt. McKinley (aka Denali), ends in May 2015 with Mt. Everest, and his climbs on the other five (5) continents, are sandwiched in-between. As a special treat, on each summit, he’ll savor the moment and engage in joyous, light-hearted play as a tribute to life’s possibilities. He smiles as he contemplates this!

Will you and/or your company be standing by his side, inspired and benefiting from his accomplishments?

What is Guaranteed – you can; Individuals, Employees and Your Customers definitely will!

Werner Berger says, “Support me and I will take you on the ‘ride’ of your life!

Werner’s Mission 

To inspire you (and your people) to actually move away from Competitive Systems and Thinking, to Collaborative Thinking, and even more important, Actions; we all know it makes perfect sense, and is the solution to greater happiness, fulfillment and productivity (and much more) – it will challenge the status quo and, in the grandest scheme of things, will lead to global peace!



Come – partner with a proven performer and let’s go make some waves!

5 Thoughts.

  1. Hello Warner,

    Good Luck On Your Feat. We Had Met In Kathmandu. I Gave your Name To My Friend RIchard And He Looks Forward To Your Emails On WorKing On A Mission For YoUr Quest. Will ContinUe To
    Support You On Your Endeavors.

    God Bless, BJ

  2. Thank you for the invitation on the Inspire Me Today site, Werner. I think Kilamanjaro is more altitude than I would do well with. But I am very interested in Kosciusko, which seems well within my abilities. I’m doing the Grand Canyon again in January, and it seems the summit of Kosciusko is not much higher than the Canyon’s South Rim. When are you going? I’m interested in learning more.

    • Hi Catherine, I just found your message and, if you love to hike or trek, would strongly urge you to reconsider your thoughts about Kilimanjaro and altitude. If you can do the Canyon, you can do Kilimanjaro. The key is acclimatization and allowing your body to adapt to the altitude (my expertise). Step 1: we spend time in the Serengeti with the amazing animals at 5000′ (an amazing experience, all on its own); Step 2: we spend a bit of time on the Ngorongoro Crater Rim (8000′) and then Step 3: we slowly make our way up the mountain. The big variable, when it’s done right is fitness. . . the fitter you are then more fun you have. I’m so psyched about the trip because almost everyone comes back saying. “This was a life altering experience for me. I would not have missed it for the world.”

  3. Thrilled to read the article in the Trenton Times today “Climb Every Mountain”. It’s inspiring, exciting, and stimulating. Always great to learn that there are Seniors like Werner who aren’t afraid to follow their dreams. Wishing him a happy, healthy, New Year with miracles in 2014!

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